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The Birdie Ball

Fun New Training Aid

A limited flight practice ball...without limited feel

Birdie Balls look like "napkin rings" but fly like real golf balls.
They spin, draw and fade...all within a limited distance of 40 yards.

Now you can have your own backyard driving range!

More fun and more realistic than any other practice ball you've hit!
Forget whiffle and plastic balls and enjoy the fun of Birdie Balls .

Chip them, pitch them or take a full swing!
You'll swear you're hitting a real ball

Delivers remarkable hang time with unique sound
You know when you hit it well!

Made in super polymer to withstand hundreds of hits.

The Practice Kit contains 12 Birdie Balls and a Strike Pad
Also available in a Dozen Ball Box

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Practice Kit with 12
Birdie Balls & Strike Pad

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